What is the TOP FEAR of parents of IVF (in-vitro fertilization) babies?

IVF lab errors, mishaps, or mix-ups!
Fear of wrong sperm, eggs, or embryos were used during the IVF procedures at a fertility clinic.

Although IVF lab errors, mishaps, or mix-ups are rare at a fertility clinic, there remains a possibility that the clinic may have inadvertently made a mistake, which goes undetected.

If you are the father and your wife the mother of a new born IVF baby, we say “CONGRATULATIONS”! You and your wife have the right to be absolutely certain that you are the biological parents of your IVF baby.

Now, do you and your wife want PROOF that confirms that you and your wife are the biological father and biological mother of your IVF baby? In other words, do you and your wife want EVIDENCE that confirms that (a) you and your wife are the sperm and egg donors, respectively, and (b) the correct embryo was implanted into your wife’s uterus in the IVF procedures?

Good news! To give you and your wife peace of mind over the biological identity of your IVF baby, Gene Express Sdn Bhd (GE) provides DNA PARENTAGE TESTING (i.e., DNA paternity, maternity, or parentage testing), which is the gold standard for definitive and irrefutable proof of parentage of a child.

In DNA parentage testing of a father-mother-child trio, the genetic material (i.e., DNA) of each individual will be processed to produce the individual’s unique DNA-based Genetic ID (also called DNA profile) generated from 24 genetic markers.

DNA parentage testing
involves a quick and painless process and its results will be available within 7 to 10 days after receipt of your biological samples (in the form of buccal or inner cheek cells).

You will receive a report that shows each individual’s unique DNA profile generated from 24 genetic markers. The three resultant DNA profiles (i.e., those of father, mother, and child) will be analysed and the report will also show the probability of parentage (e.g., the probability of parentage is typically >99.999% when a person is the biological father or mother of a child, and the probability of parentage is typically 0% when a person is not the biological father or mother of a child).

Please be assured that GE’s service is strictly confidential, accurate, and affordable.

GE is helmed by molecular geneticist Dr Koh Chong Lek, PhD (University of London), DIC (Imperial College), FASc (Fellow of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia since 1999), Chief Scientific Officer. He has 50 years of experience in genetics, molecular biology, and biotechnology. He has pioneered DNA-based human identification or DNA typing in Malaysia since 1992. He was the first Malaysian scientist to provide DNA typing service for human identification and parentage testing. He and his team members used DNA typing to (a) confirm the identities of several victims of the Highland Towers collapse in Kuala Lumpur in 1993 and (b) identify nine badly burnt victims of the MAS Fokker 50 plane crash in Tawau, Sabah, in 1995.

If you wish to ORDER or enquire about this DNA parentage testing service from GE
, please feel free to contact Dr Koh (Mobile and WA number: +6012 272 2049) for more details.